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 1.   How we roll

 We are opening Thursday - Sunday, we serve - NJ -PA. And NY only Saturday and Sundays at the moment if you need for consideration of a board or table hire on a day that we are closed please email us. 

 2.   How much notice is required for an order?

Our platter can be made available with 48 hours notice. We request 15 days notice for large Graze table  .

 3.   How do I order a platter or Graze Table?

While orders for a platter or grazing  table, please contact us via our contact page. We require 50% payment upon booking and 50% at your event. Dates will not be held unless proper payment or deposit has been made. Please contact us for see our availability 

 4.   What happens with the boards and utensils supplied?

Included in the cost of your platter the board is yours for grazing  Tables  (up 30 pp) is a small hire fee, payable for use of our bowls, cheese knives hired items should not be left with food remnants on them as this will attract insects and stain and devalue these items. If items are returned damaged or lost a charge at retail value will be incurred. 


 5.   How  long after my box is received, should it be consumed?

To guarantee freshness, platters  should be consumed within 3-4 hours if kept in the refrigerator, or consumed within 1-2  if kept outside of the refrigerator. For grazing tables 3-4 hours hours after we setup


 6.   Is there an additional fee for delivery? 

Yes. Please contact us see our delivery prices in different areas 


 7.   Can I customize my order?

YES! We will work with you to include any preferences you have or dietary requirements you need considered for your order.


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