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Graze Table

These decorative feasts set the tone for a simply spectacular event and are intended to wow your guests with abundance and delicious delights. We  require you to supply your own  table we ask that the grazing table be positioned in a cool area, away from direct sunlight (an air conditioned environment is preferred). We use Fresh seasonal produce, fine cheeses  charcuterie, salty snacks, artisan breads and crackers, preserves, olives , nuts, dried fruit, wholesome dips and spreads, sweets and more, will be carefully styled .

 Selecciones may vary depending on availability produtos .

We  can also be customised to work with dietary requirements Feel free to talk to us about any customization

 Please allow three to four hours for this set up.

Our graze  table include :

* 6-8 best qualify cheeses

* Cured  meats

* dips

* Assorted gourmet crackers

* Freshly baked bread

* Roasted and spiced nuts

* Desserts

* Fresh and dried fruit

* Crudites

* Olives, cornichons and pickles

* Sweets  

* Herbs and foliage for decoration  


    Starts at 50 people or more 

  Price for person $15/appetizer .

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